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Al-Aqsa (The Past, The Present, The Future)



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Abu Muhammad Ridwan Ibn Dawood


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The city of Quds (Aqsa) has, with the passing of time, seen more wars and battles than what the mind could ever perceive. Yet, Al-Quds still remains whilst millions who fought over it have gone to their graves. It has a history as old as history itself; a civilization that dates back to the earliest of eras; and brims with lessons for every heart that wishes to take heed.

Despite this, we still find many ignorant of the significance of this holy land; its unique relationship with the Banu-Israel; the responsibility of every Ummati towards this noble land; and its future as the final capital of the Islamic Caliphate.

This book aims at re-kindling our love and relationship with the blessed land of al-Aqsa, and raising an awareness amongst us that this land is to the Muslim World like a child is to a mother, i.e. as long as the child is in danger the mother remains uneasy and disturbed. Similarly, as long as al-Aqsa remains threatened the demand of our religious relationship with this land is that we too remain concerned, and that we express this concern through dua, physical and monetary aid and paying regular visits to this most blessed land

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