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Al Fiqh Al Muyassar Simplified Fiqh - Madhab of Imam Abu Hanifa



500 g




Shafiq ur Rahman Nadwi


Mustafah Publishers

"The faqih is the one who is frugal in this world, desirous of the Hereafter, a person who has insight into his religion, who is constant in the worship of his Lord, who keeps himself well away from [violating] the characters of and property Muslims, and who is an advisor to them." [Hasan al-Basri]

This is a Fiqh book appropriate for the time and intellect of the students, conforming to the environment in which we live and the age in which we are in. The main reference for this book is Nur ul Idah.
It is simple for the youth to learn Islamic Fiqh and to grasp its basics. The author has included a Qur'anic Verse & Hadith at the start of every major topic; the topics covered Tahaarat, Salaat, Zakaat, Saum & Hajj.

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