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Asma Ul Husna - The Beautiful Names of Allaah



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Moulana Moosa Kajee


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اسماء الحسنی
Asma ul Husna
The Beautiful Names of Allaah Ta’ala
By: Moulana Moosa Kajee
Two Color with Color Ground Layout
Pages: 256
Hard Binding

About the Book
Any being is only recognised in accordance to one’s recognition of his qualities. The more one becomes aware of any person’s qualities, the greater the bond, and closeness to him. When one speaks of bond and closeness, it is no hidden fact that the greatest, and real relationship is that with Allaah Ta’ala. In order to foster a relationship with Allaah Ta’ala, it is necessary to be cognisant of His Attributes and Qualities. This is facilitated by His Beautiful Names, as every Blessed Name directs to a Divine Attribute and Quality. These Beautiful Names are the means to acquire Divine Recognition. Every Name is a Door to His Recognition. The more one knows and recognizes Allaah Ta’ala, the more his love for Allaah Ta’ala will increase. As one’s love increases, he will become obedient to Allaah Ta’ala and remember Him at all times. This book briefly mentions these Names of Allah Ta’ala with some expla- nation. This is merely an introduction to our Master and Sustainer. A person has to continue progressing in this never-ending ocean of Divine recognition.

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