Darul Minhaj

عمدة المفتي والمستفتي- Umdatul Mufti Wal Mustafti 2 Vols



2000 g




Sayyid Muhammad bin Ahmad bin Abdul Bari Al-Ahdal (d. 1298 AH)




Darul Minhaj

Introduction to the book:

This book is, as its name is, Umdat al-Mufti and al-Mufti. It is an authentic reference for both groups, and a clear source of inspiration for both parties.

It is free of complexity, avoids tautology and length, contains jurisprudential tasks, and explains the rulings on modern events, according to the Shafi’i school of thought.

He raises the issue and answers it, and may present its legal evidence or jurisprudential justification.

It is full of jurisprudential conclusions, which the author considered to be preponderant in terms of evidence, and it is full of mentioning texts of the previous imams.

This style that the book enjoys in presenting the issue it addresses is one of the most proven methods in consolidating and empowering jurisprudential information in the mind of the reader, and portraying it with wonderful vitality, as if it is just being revealed.

What distinguished these fatwas:

It includes all sections of jurisprudence.

It reveals rulings on mysterious facts that may be hidden from seekers of knowledge.

It is comprehensive in what is intended, mentioning the disagreement and the responses, selecting the most correct opinion in the doctrine, attributing it to the imams of preference from documented sources, and the edited sayings of the first considered revisions.

How could this not be the case? Two people joined forces to give birth to her, and two mountains took care to purify her of impurities.

The origin of the fatwas is from the Grand Mufti of Yemen, the scholar Sayyid Muhammad bin Ahmad bin Abdul Bari Al-Ahdal (d. 1298 AH).

Then he summarized it, refined it, and inked it, and his student Jamal al-Din al-Sayyid Muhammad ibn Abd al-Rahman al-Ahdal (d. 1352 AH) fulfilled it.

It reveals the mysteries of problems and solves difficult dilemmas.

Without you, the seeker of knowledge, these approved fatwas, and the fresh gardens, crowded with flowers of benefits, from which the fragrance of investigation and scrutiny emanates.

Allah grants success

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