Khumrat Al Oud/Musk by Nusuk



500 g


100 ml

Nusuk Khumrat Al Oud is a luxurious perfume for men and women who love to smell good, look extraordinary and stand out from the crowd! Experience our impeccable range blended with luxury. We bring you the finest perfumes available anywhere in the world. The scent lasts long enough to make a thousand impressions. Nusuk Khumrat Al Oud is a fresh fruity fragrance with a soft base. This subtle fragrance for men and women is perfect for everyday wear. Its mysterious oriental notes create a woody, airy fragrance.

Khumrat AI Oud has a warm and spicy aroma with key notes of cedarwood, bergamot and oud. The fragrance consists of top notes of pink pepper, bergamot and middle notes of rose, geranium and caramel. The base notes leave a lingering scent of patchouli, oud, vanilla and amber.
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