MUSKY ROSE 100ml Edp By Nusuk Arabian Perfume Long Lasting Fragrance Unisex



750 g


100 ml

 Musky Rose by Nusuk is a tribute to the queens of flowers shown here in all its charming designs.

The scent is opened by the buds of still-sleeping roses, a tender promise of seduction into which they have yet to mature. Gourmet vanilla is captivatingly intertwined in this fragility, leaving a deliciously sweet touch even in another score, written with the lightness of musk. Roses begin to appear in full bloom and play with notes of powdery elegance, to which fleeting touches of honey freesias add colour and shine.

The symphony of the scent of roses and musk is finally deepened by a velvet embrace, which attracts and seduces the majestic amber.

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