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تسهيل النحو TASHEEL AL-NAHW Version 2.2



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Aamir Bashir


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Tasheel al-nahw is an expanded English translation of the famous Urdu work ‘Ilm al-nahw of Mawlana Mushtaq Ahmad Charthawali which has been used to teach Arabic grammar in madrasas around the world for decades. Although the original English translation was prepared by scholars of Madrasa Islamiyyah in Benoni (South Africa), it has undergone significant revision since then. In this latest version (finalized Nov 2016), many sections have been modified or completely revised, more examples and exercises have been added, including many from al-Nahw al-Wadih, and where needed, the relevant al-Nahw al-Wadih section has been pointed out in the footnotes.

Although a beginner-to-intermediate level text, studying Tasheel al-nahw assumes some prior knowledge of Arabic such as that acquired through studying Ten Lessons of Arabic and/or Durus al- Lughah al-Arabiyyah vol. 1. Moreover, it is not an exhaustive text. It is assumed that the student will be studying relatively advanced Nahw texts (such as Hidayat al-Nahw or al-Nahw al-Wadih) after this to round off his/her training of Nahw. The sample curriculum given at the end of the book can be used for that purpose.
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