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100 interesting and motivating stories from saheeh Bukhaari Sahih Bukhari



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A compilation of 100 stories or lessons from the Saheeh of Imam al-Bukhari, alongwith with additional notes by the compiler which will prove beneficial to the reader. Translation edited by Mufti A. H. Elias

Many books of stories have been compiled, containing stories of various caliber; strong, weak, authentic and at times even fabricated. However the compilation before you contains one hundred stories or lessons which have been reported in one the most authentic compilations of Hadeeth, Saheeh Bukhari. It will prove to be extremely advantageous for orators and lecturers, who can use it a source for preparing their lectures and since all these stories are reported in Saheeh Bukhari, there is no doubt with regards to its authenticity. Just as this book will prove to be beneficial to orators it is, by the grace of Allah, a treasury of advice and guidance for all readers that will open a door to an entirely new world of learning which the common person is usually unaware of.


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