Jamiatul Ilm Wal Huda

1000 Authentic Hadeeth With Translation, Al-Jami li-Hady al-Habib Arabic and Eng

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الجامع لهدي الحبيب
1000 Authentic Hadeeth W/Translation

A compilation of 1000 Hadith – This book was compiled for the memorisation of ahadith. It consists of 1000 ahadith; all of which are from the famous six books (Kutub Sittah). 

The aim was to make sure that all the ahadith are authentic (Sahih or Hasan), so that the students learn a 1000 authentic ahadith over the six year Alimiyyah Course. 

The book contains ahadith on various aspects of Islam which will prepare students for Imam and Khatib posts. The book also consists of English translation, this will allow the English speaking people to benefit from the Hadith as well.

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