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A compilation of forty Arba'in (40 hadith) collections.
Contains Arabic text with English translation.​
About The Book

Inspired whilst in Masjid e Nabawi s.a.w, I ventured out to collect 40 by 40 Ahadith. This journey let to visiting numerous libraries and countries. The result is now in your hands. 

We gathered these works of various Ulema translated them and had the Arabic professionally written and checked so that all can benefits. 
Learning one hadith a day will prove beneficial in all three worlds.

Collection of Forty Hadith Collections total of 160 short, to the Point, Important and Memorable Ahaadith.

Includes Arba'in collections by the likes of

  • Hadhrat Salmaan Faarsi
  • Mulla Ali al Qari
  • Shah Waliullah Dehlawi
  • Mufti Muhammad Shafi
  • Mufti Muhammad Ashiq Ilahi
  • Mufti Saeed Palanpuri
  • Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat
  • Shaykh Assad Nimer Busool,
  • and others.
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