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Ajmal Al Qawaa’id - One Step Away From the Qur'aan



600 g

• The First Qa’idah of its kind.
• Designed & Perfected over years.
• Creative, Colourful & Comprehensive.

Each section is colour coded to avoid overwhelming the student. This makes it visually easier to finish for the student.
Each section in our Qa'idah begins with a simple to read explanation of the lesson, so the parents can assist in their child's learning and brush up on theirs too.
A unique feature of this Qa'idah is the "Tips and Tricks" section. This harnesses the advice from years of teaching experience, and makes it accessible to parents, in the comfort on their homes.
The wiro binding on the Qa'idah makes it ideal for the learning environment.
The student's learning is facilitated by making it easy to place on a table or bench (suitable for both Madrassa and school environments)
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