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Al-Hisnul Hasin (The Strong Fort)



500 g


English, Arabic


Allaamah Muhammad Bin Muhammad Al-Jazri


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The Object of Compilation

Allaamah Muhammad bin Muhammad Al-Jazri compiled this book from authentic ahadeeth to enable one to withstand and overcome any hardship, crisis, calamity, unrest etc through the recitation of these du’as.

For this reason he named it Al-hisnul haseen or the strong fort.

All praise belongs to Allah alone and peace of the supplications of our holy messenger written by the well-known scholar of hadeeth, Allama Ibn Al-Jazri.

The original work is in Arabic and was subsequently translated into different languages.

Hazrat Moulana Muahammad Idress Meerathi, contemporary scholar in pakistan, while translating the book into urdu, rearranged the supplications contained in the book so as to facilitate their recitation at the relevant occasions.

I have read certain parts of the book and found it to be correct and useful.

Opportune Moments in which Du’as are accepted

  1. In the night of Qadr.
  2. On the Day of Arafah.
  3. In the Month of Ramadan.
  4. On the eve of Jumu’ah (The night preceding friday).
  5. During the entire day of Jumu’ah.
  6. During the second half of the night.
  7. the first third portion of the night.
  8. the final third portion of the night.
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