Ana Abiyedh by Lattafa || Eau De Parfum || Unisex ||60ml



600 g



Ana Abiyedh White

This perfume contains a magnetic blend that exudes confidence. The alluring aroma of agarwood captivates the senses, providing a long-lasting fragrance experience.

This perfume boasts a beautiful combination of snow-white musk and opulent Cyprien oil, adding a unique allure to its fragrance. As the scent evolves, the spicy aromas of cardamom, rich saffron, and delightful vanilla emerge. In the end, the luxurious bouquet is embraced by the warm notes of agarwood and the noble guaiac wood.

  • Top notes: White musk, Cyprien oil
  • Medium notes: Cardamom, saffron, vanilla
  • Base notes: Agarwood, guayac
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