Jamiatul Ilm Wal Huda

Arb/Eng Suwar Min Hayatis Sahabiyyat Stories Female Companions by Shaykh Abdul Rahman Ra’fat al-Pasha



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This is a book of short and entertaining stories about the lives of eight Sahabiyaat (The Female Companions of The Prophet).

It was written by Shaykh Abdul Rahman Ra’fat al-Pasha for students learning Arabic language. 

Author has mentioned in this book that Sahabiyaat have spent their lives through out of various aspects in presence of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), that shows true and right Islamic way to us. 

They were not only true Muslims, nor those in whom, Imaan has uprooted, but Above all they were warriors in the way of Allah, took part in Ma'arik, medicate the injured people and help them during battles. 

The Jamiatul Ilm Wal Huda publication has the original text with an addition of over 1000 words of Arabic vocabulary with English and Urdu meanings; also a brief of each female scholar in the English language.

About The Author

Dr. Abdur Rahman Rafat Pasha was born in Areeha in the north Syria in 1920. He attended primary classes in Madrasa Khusraviya of Aleppo which was the oldest Islamic Sharia school in Syria. For further studies he went to Cairo and secured the Higher certificate in Islamic Usool from Azhar Shareef along with B.A. in Arabic literature from King Fuad College. Later he was awarded Master’s degree and Doctorate from newly named Cairo University.

He began his professional carrier as teacher then promoted to Senior Inspector of Arabic language, and then Manager Zahiriya Library Damascus. He also worked a visiting professor of Damascus University. He was fortunate to visit Hijaz in 1964 and get a chance to work as Professor at Imam Mohammed bin Saud Islamic University Riyadh. He acted as member of Literary Academy and Head of Arabic Critic and Publication departments. During his long stay of 22 years in Riyadh,he contributed valuable suggestions on the Research projects.

Throughout his long life he was attached with the Language of Holy Quran and promotion of Islamic literature. 

His few writings 

  • Suwar Min Hayatis Sahaba 
  • Suwar Min Hayati Tabi'een 
  • Al-Din Al-Qayyim 
  • Fann Al-Imtihan 
  • Tarikh Al-Unduls
  • Al-Batula 
  • Hadath Fi Ramadhan 
  • Al-Tareeq Al-Andalus (Spain)

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