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Before & After the Last Hour - Ibn Kathir (HB - Darul Ishaat)



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This book by Ibn Kathir concerns portents of the Last Hour and the trials that humanity will face before it. This is a translation of alfitan wal Malahim, the last volume of al-Bidaya wa an-Nihaya.

The standard of the book may be judged by the name of the author who is a renowned authority. Allah had gifted him with great ability and knowledge. He was a prolific writer and his books gained immense circulation in his life time and continue to benefit people todate. He was an exegete too.

All major signs of the Qiyamah are described in this book. Authentic Ahadith as well as verses of the Qur'an are cited and Ibn Kathir has explained them in a vivid language. It includes the Prophet's (S.A.W.) predictions of future events like the Roman and Persian combat, the trial faced by Uthman Ibn Affan. Umm Haram martyrdom in a sea battle, the fire in Madinah survival of one faithful group till the Last Hour, some evils of the final days, rising of the sun in the west, and the Day of Resurrection itself. Thereafter, Ibn Kathir describes the resurrection, the reckoning and the punishment and reward of the creatures. He quotes the Prophet (S.A.W.) about the fate of those who perpetrate different kinds of sins from association with Allah to misappropriation of anyone's property. He mentions those who will go scot free without any punishment and those who will stumble on the narrow bridge, the sirat. There is also the account of me who will enter Paradise last of all. He tells us that everyone - believer or disbeliever, pious or wicked will pass over Hell. Ibn Kathir also narrates some personal experiences of those who were afraid of Hell and of the intercessin. He informs us of the blessings in Paradise and the kinds of punishment in Hell.

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