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Chastity And Modesty



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Moulana Moosa Kajee


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Allaah Ta’ala has created passions and desires in every human being. If these passions and desires are subjected to Islamic rules and regulations, then they will create values of love, virtue, truth and integrity. On the other hand, those who become slaves to their passions are doomed to life of deprivation and restlessness, for the carnal desires, once unrestrained and uncontrolled, become insatiable. The desires continue increasing, and a person’s object of life is to then maximize his sensual pleasures. A person cannot progress spiritually and even materially. Allaah Ta’ala has created men and women such that they have been endowed with powerful urge for sexual love, as well as the capacity to sexually attract each other.

Their features, complexion, speech and mannerisms have a strange spell on the opposite sex. However, since human beings are not like animals, which possess no higher purpose in the world than fulfilment of desires, Allaah Ta’ala has created modesty within human beings. Modesty as well as purity of mind, body and soul are of fundamental importance to the lofty moral culture of Islam. When shame is lost, immorality with its disastrous consequences becomes the order of the day. Doors of the worst kinds of vices which destroys the moral, spiritual and physical fibre of the human being are opened. Man then becomes worse than an animal. Keeping in mind these points, the following booklet has been prepared to explain to the youth the importance of guarding their chastity and the harms of fulfilling their desires.
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