Jamiatul Ilm Wal Huda

Developing the Character and Reforming the Soul 40 Hadith with commentary



200 g

43 Prophetic Narrations on Developing The Character & Reforming The Soul with commentary 

About The Book

Islam teaches us the great importance of manners and etiquettes to the extent that it has been regarded as the most weighty deed in the scale of good deeds. This compilation of 40 Hadeeth with translation and explanation of the 40 Hadeeth will, insha Allah, serve as a means of encouragement to us all; young, old, students, scholars, laity etc. 

The style of the explanation has been kept very simple with approximately two sides of explanation for each Hadeeth, most of the explanation are simply capturing Qur’an verses, other Prophetic narrations or sayings of the pious scholars in regards to the topic discussed. The chapters included are wide ranging, from mercy to parents, anger to jealousy, treatment towards Muslims and non-Muslims, rights of the Lord to the rights of the creation and so.

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