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Dhu Al-Qarnanyn and The Ya'juj and Ma'juj



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Abu Muhammad Ml Ridwan ibn Dawud Kajee


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The nature of the Ya'juj and Ma'juj (Gog and Magog): the man called 'Dhu al-Qarnayn' and the wall that he had erected have always been amongst those topics which have captured the attention of both scholar the scholar and the layman.

The writings of two great scholars of recent times, viz. 'Allamah Anwar Shah Kashmiri, with regards to the topic of 'the Ya'juj and Ma'juj; and his illustrious student, 'Allamah Hifz ar-Rahman Suharwi, with regards to the topic of 'Dhu al-Qarnayn, are research based writings worthy of high acknowledgement and deep consideration. 

In this book, a great portion of their research into these topics has been summarised and simplified for the Englosh-speaking Ummah.

May Almighty Allah accept this compilation and make this a means for us attaining a better understanding of the events to unfold before the Last Day. 

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