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Facing The Spear



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Moulana Ebrahim Muhammad


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There was once an Ansari Sahabi of Rasulullah H who was given the name of ‘Abu Mi’laq’ who was a businessman. Who traded all his wealth for the behalf of others. He would travel to many places where on one occasion, he went on a journey where an army of thief stopped him and said ‘Put Down (and give me what you have) for I will kill you’.

Sayyiduna Abu Milaq requested time to perform four raka’at of salah, to which the thief agreed, saying, ‘Perform as much salah as you want.’ Upon completing the four cycles of salah, Abu Milaq earnestly prayed during the final sajdah, repeating his dua three times. Suddenly, a horseman emerged, holding a spear between his horse’s ears. Startled, the thief swiftly moved forward but was ultimately stabbed by the horseman with the spear.

It is often said that “you are what you read”. This statement has a special relevance when you consider the impact of literature on the heart and minds of our darling children. At a time when there is a dearth of reading materials for our children, this series compiled by Moulana Ebrahim is like a breath of fresh air as it concerns itself with fostering good Islamic morals and values.
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