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Faith And Disbelief in the Light of the Qur'aan



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Maulana Muhammad Shafi


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Just as every class of society knows the words Imaan, Islam and kufr such that the illiterate of the deviated groups also know it, Similarly, it is just as difficult to provide a comprehensive, all-encompassing definition for them. This is not specific to Imaan and Kufr, but regarding general words the meaning of which a child too does not have any doubt or misgiving. For example, hat, shirt, trouser, shoes, house, table, chair, jug, glass etc. However, if there is a question regarding a comprehensive all-encompassing meaning of these words, then the greatest of masters will be confused. Even after giving a definition after thinking and pondering, there will be danger that probably some individual has been left out of the understanding or something that is not part of the purport will fall into the definition.

The scholars of before, the mufassireen, the Muhadditheen juro-consultants and Muntakallimeen have provided complete definitions for imam and Islam then they have defined kufr and have discussed at length its types and have written separate booklets on it. This is another great detailed, yet concise book on the subject of creed and its importance.
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