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Mufti Sa'id Ahmad Palanpuri


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'How do you issue Fatwa?' is a clear lucid English rendition of the book, 'Aap Fatwa Keyse de?' by Muftgi Sa'id Ahmad Palanpuri, Dar-ul-Ulum Deoband. Mufti Sa'id Ahmad Palanpuri has translated the work Sharah Uqud Rasm-ul-Mufti and has simplified the text for the students studying Ifta. Sharah Uqud Rasm-ul-Mufti is a standard work that is taught worldwide by great ulama and jurists. This English translation will help in understanding the great work of Allamah Ibn Abidin Shami and will serve as an aid to students in the field of Fiqh and Ifta. The footnotes include a brief review of the books and scholars of the Ahnaf. Read more

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