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Foundational Principles of the Hanbali Madhab by Shaykh Yusuf bin Sadiq al Hanbali



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Foundational Principles of The Hanbali Madhhab
‘Held in high esteem by generations of ulema and laity alike, the four Sunni schools of jurisprudence have played a pivotal role in protecting and safeguarding the shariah of Islam. None would however deny that the Hanbali Madhab has remained the least well understood and most misrepresented. In contrast to fiqh and aqidah, the relatively later development of the school, coupled with the fewest number of scholars and practitioners has resulted in a gap in the understanding of many regarding the madhab’s lesser known sciences such as its usul, governing principles, scholars, main texts and development.
Although not an overly popular topic with students of knowledge nor scholars, this text seeks to fill some of the aforementioned gaps, provide an introduction to elementary issues concerning the madhab and aims to clarify some prevalent misconceptions held not only by outsiders but also those claiming adherence to the madhab.
The author, Shaykh Yusuf bin Sadiq al Hanbali, is one of the few traditional Ḥanbalī shaykhs, who as well being extensively qualified to teach the madhab and its related sciences, has received the required ijazat and permissions via the time honoured method of Islamic scholars to do so. We hope the reader understands the content presented and it ignites in him or her the interest to further pursue studies into this important but often neglected science.'
The book features a foreword by Al Allamah Shaykh al Hanabila Taqi al Din Muhammad Sayyid al Hanbali
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