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From The Treasures of Arabic Morphology



600 g


English, Arabic


Maulana Ebrahim Muhammad


Zam Zam Publishers

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Arabic Morphology (علم الصرف) is a branch of Arabic Grammar dealing with word-forms and patterns. It is highly essential for the incumbent student of Arabic to learn this science in order to be proficient in the language. Acquiring an understanding of word patterns is of prime importance in learning the language.

This is a comprehensive book dealing with all the important aspects of the subject. If a student has to study this book thoroughly, he would develop a very good foundation in this science and it would absolve him of the need to study any further books on the subject.

The Arabic names of morphologic terms have been adopted instead of the Urdu forms commonly found in the text books of Islamic seminaries.

Include also is a collection of rules of word-changes which affect many Arabic verbs and nouns. The rules have been clearly explained with examples and a step by step method as to how a word is changed from its original form to its present one.

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