Idara Taleefaat e Ashrafiya

Khutbaat Hakeem ul Ummat 32-Vol Modern Edition



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Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi




New Modern Deluxe Edition

Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi was born in 1280 A.H. in the village of Thana Bowan. His desire for Deen was initiated by his initial ustaad Moulana Fateh Muhammed Saheb. After learning the basics from his uncle and Moulana Fateh Muhammed he proceeded to Deoband to complete his studies and qualified at the tender age of 19 or 20 years. Moulana's Teachers were all great luminaries of their time. The most important amongst them was Moulana Muhammed Yaqub Saheb from whom he achieved the greatest amount of knowledge and spiritual benefit. He learnt qiraat from the well-known Qari Muhammed Abdullah Saheb Muhajir Makki and mastered it to such an extent that it became difficult for the listener to distinguish between the recitation of the student and the teacher. During his student days in Deoband he desired to make a pledge on the hands of Moulana Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi but he ended becoming a disciple of Hajee Imdadullah, Moulana Thanwi spent his entire life serving deen in every field. It is for this reason that he has been given the titles Hakimul Ummat and Mujaddid-e-Millat, he passed away in Rajab 1362 A.H. (1943). Salatul Janazah was performed by Moulana Zafar Ahmad Usmani. Read more

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