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Maulana Muhammad Qamar az-Zaman Sahib Allahabadi


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His life and contributions, the book under review is a great testimony in this regard. He devoted an entire book comprising of admonitory lessons and aspects from the life of Hadrat Maulānā Sayyid Abul Hasan ‛Alī Nadwī rahimahullāh. He includes in it the effects which he perceived in the course of his meetings with Hadrat Maulānā and the admonitory lessons which he learnt during these meetings. Together with this, he quotes extracts from Hadrat Maulānā’s writings on the subjects of propagation, instruction, and exposition of Islam. In this way, he conveyed to others the call of his heart which said that he must have a share in introducing to others Hadrat Maulānā’s services to the Dīn and his contributions in the field of rectification and instruction. Read more

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