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Morning & Evening Invocations and the Ten Sevens before Sunrise & before Sunset



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Sheikh Dr. Thaika Shu'aib


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239 pages

“Morning & Evening Invocations and the Ten Sevens before Sunrise & before Sunset” is a litany arranged by the late Shaikh Dr Thaika Shu’aib Alim. In the words of the noble Shaikh, this necklace of invocations has been strung primarily with priceless gems and pearls from the Qur’an and the Sunna. In addition, a few radiant jewels from some of the Muhammadan awliya’ or “saints” have been included.

“This compilation of selected invocations is for all Muslims and not restricted. I beseech Allah Most High to bestow tawfiq, taisir, naja, falah and hidaya upon all who make this part of their daily routine.” – Shaikh Dr Thaika Shu’aib Alim (d. 15 Jun 2021)

Set in clear Arabic script with accompanying transliteration and translation, it is a beautiful and practical devotional work with extensive notes. It is arranged in such a way that one can recite the entire compilation every day or choose selected invocations for one’s needs. The attribution of every recital to a historical personage (with biographical notes) makes the work unique in its presentation.

This book contains ten different sections:

  1. Preface, outlining the back story of this text and discussing the role of du'a, and particularly a structured routine of du'a, in the life of a Muslim

  2. "The Basis," a selection of verses from the Qur'an which mention dhikr

  3. "Morning and evening invocations," the heart of the text, a sequence of 41 du'a from the Qur'an, Sunnah, and selected scholars, with attribution for each one

  4. "The Ten Sevens," a sequence of recitations from the Qur'an and du'a

  5. "The Seal of Prophethood," a traditional calligraphic portrait of the khatam an-nubuwwa that is between the Prophet's shoulders ﷺ

  6. Postface, a selection of several Hadith Qudsi and several verses from the Qur'an, along with commentary from Shaykh Thaika Shuaib, penned less than a year before

  7. Publisher's afterword,

  8. Biographical notes, which includes brief biographies of each Prophet, Companion, and scholar to whom one of the du'a in the text is attributed

  9. Obituary of Shaykh Dr. Thaika Shu'aib

  10. Notes & References, which includes 50 footnotes to the du'a in the "Morning and Evening Invocations" and the "Ten Sevens" sections


  • Author: Sheikh Dr. Thaika Shu'aib

  • Language: English and Arabic

  • Hardback Edition: 239 pages

  • ISBN: 978-1-952306-35-8

  • Publisher: Imam Ghazali Publishing
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