Mukhtasar Al-Quduri



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Perhaps Imam al Quduri's most famous works, Al Mukhtasar is also known as al Kitab. The number of issues it addresses is 12,500, spanning the entire spectrum of Fiqh, for the book covers not only matters of worship, but also business transactions, personal relations and penal and judicial matters. Abu Ali al-Shashi said about the book, "Whoever memorises this book, is the best accomplished of our associates in memorisation and whoever understands it, is best accomplished of our associates in understanding."

As is common with fiqh summary texts, the book generally does not mae a point of providing evidences and derivations of the regulations. The bases and reasoning behind the verdicts presented can be pursued in more advanced books of madhab, and also require some knowledge of usul-al-fiqh. 
This is a simple explanatory English translation of Mukhtasar al-Quduri

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