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Nikaatud Duraari: Commentary of Tajreedul Bukhari (6 Vols - HB)



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The scholars are aware that there are many ahadith of Sahih al Bukhari that are repeated. The famous Muhadith Allamah bin Muhammad bin Abdul Latif Ash SHarj az Zabidi al Hanafi (893 A.H) has dropped the repeated narrations and has compiled all the ahadith of Sahih al Bukhari.

For a long time, the need was felt that all the Ahadith of Sahih al Bukhari (without the repititions) should be brought out to the masses, with translation and a brief explanation. Looking at this need, Maulana Mufti Sayed Abdul Jalil of South Africa, has drawn from more than 20 commentaries of Sahih al Bukhari, as well as other texts and commentaries, and has put together the work Nikatud Duraari in six volumes. This unique work, commentary of Tajreed al Bukhari.

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