Prophets' Stories from Quran (20 Books Box Set)



1200 g


English, Urdu

Introducing the Prophets' Stories from the Quran series, a bilingual (English and Urdu) set of 20 beautifully illustrated books, 5 cards, and 1 pen to help children understand the most remarkable stories of the Quran in an easy and engaging way. Each book contains 14 pages of exciting stories, teachings, and prayers from the Quran, written in simple text and featuring magnificent color illustrations. The set includes the most important stories of the prophets, from Adam عليه السلام to Muhammad ﷺ, in a way that will captivate young, active minds. This is an excellent way to encourage children to explore the meaning and purpose of the word of Allah. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to provide your children with a fun and educational experience they will treasure for a lifetime.


The 20 Books included are:

  1. Adam the First Man
  2. Nuh and the Great Flood
  3. Hud and the Raging Storm
  4. Salih and the She-Camel
  5. Ibrahim and the Huge Fire
  6. Ibrahim and the Call to Truth
  7. Ibrahim and the well of Zam Zam
  8. Ismail and the Great Sacrifice
  9. Shuaib and the people of Madyan
  10. Yusuf and his Brothers
  11. Ayyub and his Patience
  12. Yunus and the Giant Fish
  13. Musa and the Pharaoh of Egypt
  14. Musa and the Riches of Qarun
  15. Musa and the Fate of Pharaoh
  16. Dawood and the Battle with Jaloot
  17. Sulaiman and the Queen of Sheba
  18. Isa and his Miraculous Birth
  19. Isa and his Return
  20. Muhammad ﷺ the Final Prophet

The 5 Cards included are:

  1. Allah is One
  2. Final Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
  3. Remembrance of Allah
  4. My Islamic Good Deeds Charts
  5. My Weekly Salah Chart
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