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Rewards For Good Deeds (New Revised Edition) By Shaykh Sharaf ad-Din 'Abdul Mu'min ad-Dimyati



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It is part of the divine system of Allah that He ensured the protection of this religion in its pristine purity. Not only did He guarantee the protection of the Qur'an. but also the protection of the Hadith. i.e. the statements and actions of the Messenger of Allah. Muhammad (s.a.w). There are numerous compilations of Hadith covering different themes and subjects. From among these numerous compilations. are those that concern themselves with fada'il al-a'mal the virtues of deeds. Compilations of this nature contain Ahadith which mention some virtue or other for doing certain good deeds.

Al-Matjar ar-Rabih fi Thawab al-'Amal as-Salih of Shaykh Sharaf ad-Din 'Abd al-Mu'min ad-Dimyati is one such compilation. The learned Shaykh, who was a very senior scholar of Hadith in his time, undertook the compilation Ahadith in which the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessing be upon him) mentions some sort of reward for the doing of different deeds. He compiled Ahadith on the rewards for deeds covering all aspects of ones life in this world, viz. intellectual life, spiritual life, domestic life. marital life, economic life. social life. In so doing. a person can take solace from the fact that even so-called 'worldly' occupations are not devoid of reward, provided they are fulfilled with the correct intention.

This collection of Ahadith, without doubt, creates an urge and enthusiasm to do good deeds. The book then concludes with a chapter on the description of the 'abode of reward'. i.e. Paradise. and the different comforts, luxuries and bounties that are in store for those who will be blessed with entry into it.

The learned Shaykh has undertaken to quote Ahadith from the most authentic sources. All Ahadith are thoroughly referenced. thereby increasing the value of this book.


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