Idara tul Ma'arif

Seerat-e-Sarwar-e-Konain By Mufti Ashiq Ilahi



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Ashiq Ilahi Buland Shehri


Idara tul Ma'arif

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Shaikh Ashiq Ilahi Buland Shehri is a famous scholar of Islam. He belongs to the Deoband school of thought. He authored many books about Islam and its teachings. This book Seerat e Sarwar e Konain Pdf is about the life, character, and education of the Prophet of Islam.

Ashiq Ilahi Buland Shehri talked about different events of the life of the Holy Prophet SAW. He quoted many other scholars and books that earlier worked on this topic. Moreover, he urged people to learn a lesson from the life of their Rasool SAW.

Seerat e Rasool is a delicate subject for Muslim writers. There are many books on Seerat in many languages. This book was written in pure Urdu that is easy to understand for everyone.

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