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Selected Chapters (from Mishkat) Muntakhab Abwaab - 2 Volume Set



1600 g

The book has Eight chapters compiled by Moulana Muhammad In'aam ul Hassan Kandehlvi, Third Ameer of the Tablighi Jamaat, upon the indication of Moulana Ilyas Kandehlvi, First Ameer of Tablighi Jamaat. It was published with the name of Al Abwaab Al Muntakhabah. Then Moulana Yunus Palanpuri rendered it into Urdu, whilst Mufti Ameen palanpuri who teaches Mishkat in Darul Uloom Deoband edited the translation and added a heading before every Hadith so that the readers can easily understand the Hadith. This book will create the temporary nature of this world and conviction in the Aakhiraat. It contains 2320 Ahadith and concise explanation in brackets. It should be read, studied and included in Syllabus. Read more

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