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Simplified Logic - English Translation of Tayseer ul Mantiq



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Simplified Logic

About the book

Simplified Logic Mantiq (logic) is a very important subject in the darsnizaami. Many of the technical terms found in the kitaabs of beliefs, usool, etc. are all mantiq terms. For the understanding of these books, one has to have a firm grounding of nahw, sarf and mantiq.

In this era, the academic abilities of students has become very weak, especially in matters related to understanding. Therefore, Moulana Abdullah Gangohi Saheb prepared this book “Tayseerul Mantiq” so that students can have an understanding of these technical terms in their own language, before studying the subject in greater detail in the Arabic language.

A need was felt to translate this book into English, with a few minor additions. We make duaa that Allaah accepts this translation, and makes it a means of closeness to Allaah.

If any errors are found, the translator should be informed so that they can be corrected in future editions.

Some Examples Quotations:

اولیات: Those sentences which the intellect accepts immediately with no need of any proof e.g. one is more than half.

فطریات: Those sentences which when they come into the mind, then its proof is not absent from the mind e.g. four is an even number. The proof of this is that it can be equally divided.

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