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Soul Whisperer-(Rediscovering spirituality in the Digital age)



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Almas Taufiq


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Soul Whisperer includes stories derived from Mathanvi Rumi which is a poetic collection of anecdotes and stories derived from the Quran, hadith sources, and everyday tales.

A must for those who want to be inspired by the spirituality of Rumi's poetry & reconnect with Allah SWT in this digital age.

You are not a drop in the ocean,
You are the entire ocean in a drop. (Rumi)

A powerful yet simple book, inspiring its readers to keep themselves indulged in the love of Allah SWT.

Boost up your spirituality & connection with Allah SWT or find peace, meaning & fulfillment in life.


  • Foreword
  • Rumination on Rumi
  • Mathnavi Manavi Book 1
  • Prologue
  • Story 1: The King and The Handmaid
  • Story 2: The Oilman and His Parrot
  • Story 3: The Bigoted King, His Vazir (Minister) and The Slaying of Christian
  • Story 4: Another Tyrannical King
  • Story 5: The Lion and The Beasts
  • End Notes

About Kaleed i Mathnavi

Maulana Jalal al-Din Rumi's Epic poem, the Mathnawi, is one of the best known and most influential works of Muslim mysticism. This is a complete urdu translation of the six books of the poem that amount to more than 25,000 verses, Along with Commentaries by Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanawi.

The work pursues its way through hundreds of stories used to illustrate the main theme: man's predicament in his search for God. A world class and timeless piece of literature.

About Almas Toufiq

Alimah Almas Taufiq has been in the academic field since 1980. She has experience of teaching, management and curriculum development with premier educational institutions of Karachi,  like Karachi Grammar School, Beaconhouse School System and the Teachers Resource Center, and has also completed her teacher training course from Bradford University, UK. She is fluent in Urdu, English and Arabic. 

She is also an internationally certified success coach for women from Certified Coaches  Alliance and international Coach Federation, USA. She considers her lifeltime achievement to be her free educational institute which she founded in 2002 for underprivileged girls. 

This source of immeasurable joy and fulfilment has more than 70 students with schooling programs for junior, elementary and high school and Islamic programs for Hifz, Nazra and spiritual & Moral grooming for the girls.

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