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Tafsir Ibn Kathir - 6 Volumes (New Release)



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Hafiz Imad-ud-Din Abul Fida, Ismail bin al Khatib Abi Hafs Umar bin Kathir




Darul Ishaat

Tafsir Ibn Kathir Abridged 

With valuable juristic annotations from Tafsir Ma'ariful Quran

Vol. 1. 832 pages

Vol. 2. 760 pages

Vol. 3. 856 pages

Vol. 4. 816 pages

Vol. 5. 784 pages

Vol 6. 780 pages

Tafsir Ibn Kathir is the work of Hafiz Imad-ud-Din Abul Fida, Ismail bin al Khatib Abi Hafs Umar bin Kathir (died 747 AH). It is not only one of the most renowned Tafasir bir-Riwayah (i.e. exegesis of the Holy Qur’an mainly in the light of the prophetic traditions), but one of the most important Tafasir ever written. There is no true scholar of Islam, who could dispense with this epic work.

What distinguishes Tafsir Ibn Kathir from other Tafasir bir-Riwayah is the tremendous effort Ibn Kathir had put not only in collecting the relevant traditions, but also scrutinizing them. Being a true polymer, Ibn Kathir excelled not only in the field of exegesis, but he was also a scholar of Hadith, well verses in Jarhwa Ta’deel, that is the science of criticism and review of the prophetic traditions.

Ibn Kathir took immense care not to add any weak or fabricated traditions into his work. Likewise, he avoided the mention of Israiliyat (i.e. explanations taken from the scholars of Bani Israil). In case necessity prompted him to cite such traditions, he took utmost care to point out their weakness. Hence, Tafsir Ibn Kathir is considered as one of the most reliable Tafasir.

While Tafsir Ibn Kathir is frequently being published and republished in the Arabic language, thus satiating the needs of scholars and Arabic speaking laymen alike, theire is a dearth of translations of Tafsir Ibn Kathir in other languages.

Having been graced by the opportunity to publish a reliable, complete Urdu translation of this peerless work, Darul Ishaat Karachi is thankful to Allah for being honoured by publishing an English translation of Tafsir Ibn Kathir too. However it is not only that two experienced translators have poured their heart into rendering the original Arabic text into English. They have, in fact, redefined the concept of ‘translation’ by supplementing their efforts with valuable additions from Ma’ariful Qur’an, especially in matters of juristic differences. These additions were included in the shape of footnotes, to supplement the text without distracting from it.

Just as our translators had surpassed themselves in their efforts, we, at Darul Ishaat, have done our utmost to give this English translation of Tafsir Ibn Kathir a befitting appearance. In other words, we did our best to meet the needs of our valued patrons and to present them a book unequalled in appearance.

Two Colour printing, high quality paper and excellent binding are the features that truly set this publication apart.

May Allah through His Mercy and Favour – accept our efforts and may He make it a source of everlasting reward, a means of deliverance and an asset in the Hereafter for all of us. Amin

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