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Tanbihul Ghafileen (Premium Print)



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Faqih Abu Layth Samarqandi (373 Hijri)


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The Original Book in Arabic is Called Tambehul Ghafileen by Faqih Abu Layth Samarqandi (373 Hijri) who was know as Imaamul Huda (Leader of Guidance) during his time (C 373H). The Urdu translation was done by Maulana Mahfoozul Hassan Sambali entitled Rawdatus Saliheen.

A wonderful spiritual work which aids in strengthening one's Iman, and improving character, personality and behaviour. In three parts, this book consists of pithy counsel, quotations from Quran and Hadith, examples from lives of the Sahabah (ra) and their successors and the Men of wisdom. Reliable, authentic and valuable material of the ahlus Sunnat Wal Jam'at.

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