Maktaba tul Bushra

Taysir Mustalah al-Hadith: Dr. Mahmud al-Tahan, Arabic



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Dr Mahmud bin Ahmad Tahan


Maktaba tul Bushra

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About The Book

This title is one of the most popular titles in today's study circles in regards to the Science of hadith. It was written to ease the understanding of the average University student. The author summarised various scholarly opinions of the past in regards to Mustalah al-Hadith and therefore serves as textbook in this field for beginners.

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About The Author

Mahmud bin Ahmad Tahan was Born (June 12, 1935 AD /1354 AH) in the district of Aleppo, Syria. He grew up in a religious family and memorised the Qur'an (hifz), with Sheikh Mohammed Najib Hayatah May God's mercy be upon him. 

He began his higher education in Shariah at the University of Damascus and obtained a Masters from The University of Madina and Ph.D from University of Al-Azhar 1971. He has played a great role in the field of education, specially his writing on Principles of hadith known as Mustalah al-hadith has gained most popularity among the scholars.

Some of his Teachers include:

  • Shaikh Juma', 
  • Sheikh Abdul Wahhab Sukkar
  • Sheikh Muhammad Najib Khayyata, 
  • Dr Abul Khair Zainul Abidin, 
  • Sheikh Muhammad Muhammad Abu Zahw and 
  • Sheikh Muhammad Samahy

Some of his Students includes the likes of 

  • Abdul Razzaq Shayji: Dean of the Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies at Kuwait University,  
  • Dr. Mohammed Al Awadhi, 
  • Professor Hossam El Din Afaneh,  
  • Dr. Walid Tabtabai

His Literary Legacy:

  • Taysir Mustalah al-Hadith
  • Usul Takhrijul Ahadith wa Dirasatul Hadith
  • Bahth Fil Radd Ala Hasan Turabi
  • Man Lis Sanatil Youm
  • Inayatul Muhaddisin
  • Mo'jam Mustalah al-Hadithiyyah
  • Hujjiyatus Sunnah 
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