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The Cream of Arabic Imperative Words with Modern Words Safwatul Masaadir



200 g

The Cream of Arabic Imperative Words - With Modern Words - Safwat al-Masadir in English.

This is an invaluable work for beginners of classical Arabic. The book comprises the most popular verbs and nouns one would come across in classical Arabic study. All verbs are set out in their relevent categories (Bab Nasara Yansuru, Bab Daraba Yadribu, etc) in order to familiarise the student with the verb scales and sufficient examples for each.

Each verb is presented in its root (masdar), past (madi), present/future (mudari'), imperative (amr), and prohibitive (nahy) forms, and accompanied by an English translation. Many institutions require that students memorise the verbs in this book with their meanings, which blesses them with an extensive working vocabulary for understanding traditional Arabic texts.

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