The History of Islam-3 Volumes



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This 3 volume book starts off with a brief Introduction to 'history" as a subject dealing with types of history, sources of history, and the position of Islamic history amongst the histories of the world. It then describes Arabia before the Prophet and then gives detailed accounts of events from Prophet's birth right down to his death. The problem of Khilafat and the events after the Prophet's saw death and the biographies of the 4 rightly guided Khalifas and their reigns. a brief biography of Hasan bin Ali is also provided along with important events during his very brief Khilafat, also deals with the false story of his poisoning. The 2nd vol starts with the Khilafat of Amir Muawiya and then Yazid's reign along with the Kerbala disaster. After that the ummayad and the abbasid caliphates are discussed. The last vol contains the Spain before and after Islam and Egypt dynasties and the Ottoman Empire. If you are looking for one book which covers all aspects of Islamic history then this is a must have. However it would have been beneficial if the sources of hadiths were mentioned as it definitely left me wondering if some of the events are based on weak hadiths! Also it would have been appropriate to let us know of any discrepancies in certain events and obviously references to the original sources.

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