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The History of Islam By Qadi Mirthi & Mufti Akbarabadi, 4 Vol Set



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Any person who studies history thoroughly will come to the conclusion that actually there is really nothing 'new' happening on earth. Through the passage of time, history continues to repeat itself in a unique way. Names, places, and dates may have changed, but many historic events of the past repeat themselves with very little variation. 
Hence, the need for every human to study history and more so, for every Muslim, as the noble Qur'an draws our attention to the importance of history:  "So,  relate the chronicles, so that they may ponder" [Al-A'raf (the Heights) 7:176]
The fact that Allah mentions so many incidents of the nations of the past in the noble Qur'an is another proof of the fundamental importance of history in the life of a Muslim. 
Muslims should study history with the aim of deriving lessons from the lives of the previous nations, the factors that led to their success and rise, or the causes of their fall and decline. Traits which made them the chosen ones of Allah and weakness which dropped them from the esteem of Allah. In this way history will serve as an excellent guide to develop a dynamic ummah which, in the light of history, will adopt the factors of success and safeguard themselves from the pitfalls of the previous nations. These three volumes cover: 


 Volume 1

  • Seerah of the Prophet (S)
  • The Rightly Guided Khulafa  (R.A)
  • The Early Umayyad​

 Volume 2

  • The Umayyads
  • The Spanish Khilafat 
  • The Abbasid 1​

 Volume 3

  • The Abbasid 1
  • the Abbasid 2 
  • Ending with Al-Mustadi Biamrillah 575 AH (1180 CE) 
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