The Inimitable & Physical Sciences



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Syed Iqbal Zaheer



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The Inimitable & Physical Sciences

In this book the readers will be confronted with the test of what makes humans distinguish from animals. They will be asked by the Qur’an to reflect – honestly. It will be making specific statements of scientific nature, made in unambiguous terms requiring neither interpretation nor involved explanations. Could a man, any man, who appeared 1450 years ago, have authored it? Could any man – for that matter – have made these statements 200 years ago?
A reader might ask himself: How do we explain that Muslim scientists who appeared several hundred years after the Qur’anic revelation – and who gave sciences a huge boost – made quite a few scientific errors, but the Qur’an is free of them?
This should be a disturbing question for those who believe that there is no difference between humans and animals.

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