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The Little Blue Elephant



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Zahra Abdul Samad


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Self-esteem and self-confidence of a child often gets shattered by their surrounding such as bullying at school, facing hurtful comments, or even witnessing friends having something they desire. Boosting a child’s self-confidence doesn’t just make them feel better; it makes them feel 100 times more valuable and capable.

The story “The Little Blue Elephant” is about a small elephant with blue skin gets teased by friends, making him sad. But his mom reminds him that he’s special and beautiful just as he is. She says that Allah Almighty made everyone different and colorful, and that’s what makes each of us special.

Understanding, accepting, and supporting children are essential. It’s our responsibility, given by Allah Almighty, to raise resilient children who represent strength, not just physically but in their faith as Muslims too.
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