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The Maidens of Jannat (Paradise) - Wives in Jannah



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English, Arabic


Mufti Abdullah Nana


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The Maidens of Jannat (Paradise)
New edition in 2 colour typesetting 
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There has been a lot of discussion concerning the maidens of Paradise (Hur's or Hooris), This book is regarding this issue: the greatest pleasure in Jannat; introduction to the maidens of Jannat; their beauty, voice and other aspects; the perfect and most loving wives; the number of wives for a person in Jannat, intimate relations in Jannat; a martyr with the maidens of Jannat.
'The temporary life of this world is a great test for man's Temptations are many and man is weak. The possibilities of faltering and sinning are not remote. Of all the temptations, the temptation relating to the opposite sex is the highest. If the sexual urge of man is left unchecked and unregulated, there will be total anarchy and mischief in the world. Therefore, Almighty Allah has placed various restrictions upon man in this regard. To control and regulate this desire, any form of illicit affiliation with the opposite sex is strictly forbidden. To maintain a high level of morality, Islam has ordained very strict laws and many restrictions to curtail the unlawful, carnal desires of man. All of these strict restrictions weigh heavily on the nafs - the bestial self - of man. The nafs constantly seeks carnal gratification and indulgence of its desires. To control the wild desires of the nafs is no easy task. It can be likened to riding a strong, wild horse. Either the rider will keep the horse in check with great effort or the horse will throw the rider off. This is the constant struggle that exists between man and his desires in this world. For the youth, the struggle is even more intense and great. For those people who restrain and control the desires of the nafs in this world, Allah W has promised immense rewards in the Akirah (hereafter). Man sometimes forgets these rewards and becomes inclined to sin. If he .....' (From the Foreword)

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