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The Message Of Qur’aan Volume 01



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Maulana Mahomed Mahomedy




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A large portion of the ummah does not know the language of the Qur'aan, viz, Arabic. This has caused it to remain far away from the message and teachings of the Qur'aan. There was a severe need to gather a few flowers of the message and the teachings of the Qur'aan which could be read in a short space of time. A person reciting the Qur'aan will be able to realise what the Qur'aan demands of him.

This small effort titled "The message of the Qur'aan" is now presented to the ummah. This concise book has been arranged in such a manner whereby one quarter of each para or juz is discussed under a few points and about 2 minutes will be needed to read the points of 1 quarter. The themes of those portions of the Qur'aan which are read in the Taraweeh salah can be read from this book after the Taraweeh salah, and also between the taraweeh salah and witr salah. Moreover, if one and a quarter para are read daily in the taraweeh salah, the themes of one quarter can easily be read after every 4 rakahs. About 10 minutes in total will be needed for this. Those who study this book must understand the message of the Qur'aan and practice upon it. Together with this, they must try to understand the Qur'aan in its entirety under the guidance of a reliable alim so that they may be able to spend their lives in the shade of the Qur'aan in a correct manner.

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