The Quran Beheld (An English Translation from the Arabic)



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Arabic, English


Nuh Ha Mim Keller


Visions of Reality

A new translation of the Quran in English from the Arabic based on the classical tafsir literature.

This is a dual Arabic and English edition of ‘The Quran Beheld’ with a bespoke slipcase.

This work is the result of 15 years of scholarly endeavour – the entire Quran was studied word for word in light of the classical commentaries and then translated over a period of seven years – the process was repeated for a second this time lasting for eight years, resulting in ‘The Quran Beheld’.

The work is unique in terms of translations of the Quran as this is by an authorised Sheikh in the Shariah sciences , someone not marred by academic or secular requirements – but someone who has upheld the standards of the traditional tafsir literature.


As the translator Sheikh Nuh writes:

This work solves an enigma that has puzzled many readers first coming to Islam through English translations of the Quran. The Arabic original stunned hearers in their own language with its unutterable evocative power, incisive arguments, the sharp relief of its contrasts, striking imagery, and precise detail. Most translations stun few. They seem somehow out of focus, vague, the thread of discourse is often inexplicably lost, and they are seldom moving or powerful. The present work is called The Quran Beheld because its translator found that the classical Islamic curriculum for learning the Quranic sciences lifts the veil from the divine masterpiece like stepping from a dark and silent house into a lively spring day outside.

Everything changes.


All praise to Allah Most High, and blessings and peace upon His beloved Prophet Muhammad, who made plain the ways to attain unto Him and to the highest felicity of this world and the next.

The Quran is the most read, reread, and memorized book on earth, for the very good reason that it explains the secret of human existence and answers the questions that no human being can answer. Allah sent this mighty Revelation down to see what might resound back up to Him from living human hearts. For Man’s perceptual reality is not just somehow there, but is rather a sign which denotes a reality underlying everything; namely, that the material world, which seems the most lasting and solid to sense perception, is the most transient of all things; while the most fleeting of things to experience—our intentions, faith, and works—alone shall last forever. Allah says, “Say: The Purest Angelic Spirit has brought it down from your Lord with supreme due wisdom and purpose, to make solidly firm those who believe, and as an incomparable guidance and
joyous tiding to all who submit in faith” (Quran 16.102). Here, endless happiness is no mystery, but in one’s own hand, and deep inner peace awaits anyone who connects with, obeys, and devotes himself to the Divine. This Book is the connection. “Whoever works righteousness, whether man or woman, being a believer, We shall bestow them a life wondrous fair, and requite them their wage hereafter as if their every deed were the best they ever did” (16.97).

This Book tells what Man is, who Allah is, and what He expects of Man. In a day when the strong eat the weak and commit massive crimes against others, destroying the habitat beneath our feet, and attempting to reinstate feudalism, the One afraid of none is not afraid to tell what He will do to them, so they may reconsider: “So is he who faithfully pursues the supreme good pleasure of Allah like he who comes back with whole wrath from Allah, and his refuge is the glowering hell abyss, and how evil an end!” (3.162). His justice is as perfect as Himself, for if He never punished criminals, they would never cease. In a day when the greatest economic injustices are pursued by devourers of others’ wealth through usury, and the greatest solution to every material ill would be to free the earth of its curse, Allah does not hesitate to say: “Those who devour
usury shall not rise on the Last Day, save as he rises who is repeatedly beaten down by the Devil in a seizure, so he falls crazily about in his gait: That is because they say that trade is but like usury, while Allah has made trade lawful and usury unlawful. So whoever an impending warning reaches from his Lord, then desists, may keep what has passed, and he shall be judged by Allah. But whoever returns as he was before, those are the denizens of the hellfire, in it shall they abide” (2.275).

And in a day when phalanxes of educated liars are employed to defend the indefensible, it is a genuine pleasure to offer the reading public a Book entirely free of lies because its Author is uninfluenced by anyone, and only tells the Truth. Take it in hand, depend on it, and see if things do not become a great deal clearer,
and life a great deal better. It works. “While verily it is an invincible Book; Falsehood cannot assail it from before or behind; A mighty sending-down from One all-wise, laudable beyond compare” (41.41–42). And all praise is Allah’s, Lord of all Worlds of Beings.

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