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The Science of Word Forms II Ilm us Seegha by Mufti Inayat Ahmad Kakorwi



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The Science of Word-Forms (Ilm-us-Seeghah) - English

Ilm-us-Seeghah (The Science of Word-Forms) is an English Translation of a kitaab which was originally written in urdu. Years later, beneficial additions, commentary notes, questions and exercises were added. 

This book is beneficial and informative for students of Arabic at all levels, be they beginners, intermediate or advanced. The Qawaaid of Sarf have been presented in a very clear manner and the book is filled with questions and exercises to ensure that the lessons have been thoroughly understood by the students, which in turn eases the work of the teachers, 

The aim of the book is to equip the students with a deep insight and understanding of one of the two fundamental pillars of the Arabic language.

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