The Sealed Nectar (Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum) (Pocket Size-Medium-Large-Color A4size)



1600 g

The Sealed Nectar (Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum) 

Biography of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

A complete authoritative book on the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

By: Safi Ur-Rehman Mubarakpuri.


The Sealed Nectar was honored by the World Muslim League as a first prize winner book. Whoever wants to know the whole life style of the Prophet in detail must read this book. Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the Messenger of Allah, and those who are with him, are severe against the disbelievers, and merciful among themselves. You see them bowing and falling down prostrate (in prayer), seeking bounty from Allah and (His) Good Pleasure. The mark of them (i.e. of their Faith) is on their faces (fore heads) from the traces of prostration (during prayers).


Deluxe Colour Edition: 

Size (cm): 17x24

(A beautiful deluxe colour special edition of the classic biography of the Prophet (Peace be upon him), The Sealed Nectar.

Illustrated elegantly and finished with quality glossy paper.)

The Sealed Nectar

Large (cm): 17x24

The Sealed Nectar

Medium (cm): 16x21

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