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The Taxi Driver - Illustrated Book for Children



400 g

This is a delightfully written book which aims to teach our children about good islamic morals and etiquette through short stories.

With the colourful stories that portray the colourful world we live in today and the different types of people we come into contact with.

New words have been gradually introduced to facilitate the learning and understanding process.

These well-illustrated, lucid and thoughtfully written books will hopefully enable pupils to learn and understand the creative use of the English language, while exposing them to a wide variety of experiences.

The illustration are meant to attract the children and create a desirable attitude towards learning.

Through reading, it is hoped that the pupils will imbibe the social, ethical and moral values, which have been intentionally integrated into the series.

The rich resources of literature available in the Oriental languages have been thoughtfully utilised.

This hopefully will dispense with the need for using books primarily written by western authors with western ideologies. Our new generation needs to be apprised of the great legacy left behind by our noble precursors.

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