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The Tradition of the Scholars of Deoband



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Qārī Muḥammad Ṭayyib


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Global geopolitics over the last twenty years is such that Deoband and the scholars affiliated to it have prominently appeared in the public conscious. What and who the scholars of Deoband are, what they believe in and what their positions on issues are seem complex, confusing journalists, academics and even common Muslims. With lots of people fudging in dark rooms trying to understand Deoband, it is as Barbara Metcalf mentions that “the need to understand Deoband and other Islamic movements in their own terms…continues to be of great urgency in the plural, global world of today.” This translation of Qari Muhammad Tayyab’s book on this subject, Maslak Ulama-i-Deoband, is an attempt to meet this need. Read more

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