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The Ways of the Sahabah by Maulana Abdus Salam Nadvi



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The Ways Of The Sahabah, Companions Of The Prophet S.A.W by Maulana Abdus Salam Nadvi

Uswa-e-Sahabah or Model of the Companions is a well known book which depicts the life sketches and heroic deeds of the companions. This book is not simply a Historical document but a source of inspiration for Muslims. The lives of the companions, male and female, are recounted in this book. These companions are the most sacred after the Holy Prophets. this book covers the lives of the Muhajirs and Ansars, the Ashra Mubashsharah, the female companions, and how they all conducted themselves - their beliefs, their daily practices, their social behaviour, ethics and politics. Above all, it looks into their love for the Prophet. It rejects all the wrong ideas and beliefs that have cropped up into our imagination. It is the peculiarity of the book that it has omitted all far-fetched reports. The English rendering is done according to the original urdu. Practically useful, effective and full of information. The Translator Muhammad Younus Qureshi has the post of Principal Himayat-i-Islam Law College, Lahore Pakistan among many other lecturing and teaching Posts.

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